Lets Talk About Our Men’s Beauty Routine!

If we were to talk only about my man, Mr. IDidMyFace, we would be having a short conversation. He is pretty easy going. He likes his $1.50 shaving bar that he uses a brush in a cup to foam up a cream that he tells me has just as good a lather than “that expensive crap you buy”. His words, not mine. LOL. Whatever shampoo happens to be in the shower at any given time is fine and dandy with him, as long as it doesn’t smell “too girly”. Body wash or soap? He doesn’t care. Heck, he will use shampoo as body wash. The only thing he is really picky about is deodorant. He is a Degree fan and he is not using anything else, no ifs ands or buts about it. I know this from personal experience. Any lotion is good too as long as he doesn’t smell like a cake or flower. Continue reading Lets Talk About Our Men’s Beauty Routine!

Kardashian’s Release Cosmetics Line Khroma Beauty

The Kardashian sisters are launching a new business line…. makeup. We knew that this was probably coming down the pike, hey, they have released nail polishes, so this is just the next natural step. Continue reading Kardashian’s Release Cosmetics Line Khroma Beauty

Review: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact

I was so excited when I saw that Laura Mercier put their famous tinted moisturizer into a compact. My cousin and I ran right out to Sephora and got a couple. I love the theory of such a portable moisturizer, but it didn’t pan out for me in the end:(

The moisturizer has an spf 20. The compact is a little bulky, but not horribly so. It sort of reminds me of the Physician’s Formula blush and bronzer packaging. It comes with a sponge that lives in the hidden compartment underneath the product.

I did not like the the tinted moisturizer, but my cousin did, so I will start out with the fact that this is one of those products that may not be a slam dunk either way as far as “its fab” or “it sucks”. I found that it sat on my face, she admitted that she felt it, but liked that it felt “velvety” on her face. I don’t want to feel tinted moisturizer on my face. If its full coverage foundation that’s fine and dandy, but tinted moisturizer is a “no way, I don’t want to feel it” kind of thing for me. I draw the line in the sand with feeling my moisturizer after its applied. I tried the application several times with the sponge, but no matter how much or how little product I used, it sat on my face. I did not think to try it with a stippling brush, maybe that would have worked better than the sponge. At any rate, with the price point in the mid $40’s, I don’t want to work too hard to make it work or me.

I returned mine, my cousin kept hers. We still love each other and agree to disagree. LOL

So, hove you tried this product? I would love to hear your views on this tinted moisturizer. We need a tie breaker here!!


I purchased these products myself and as always these are my own,honest opinions.

Chicago Meetup And Haul

Oh my, what a fun time we had in Chicago. Take a look at the video and I’ll tell you all about it and show you what I bought! I’ve made friends for life. I’m very blessed!!

All products featured in the haul were purchased by me and as always these are my own, honest opinions.

Elizabeth Arden Rose Illumination Highlighter Review

I’m loving rose gold anything lately. I like it in eyeshadow, jewelry, nail polish and, most recently, I love it as a highlighter.

My friend Prissy, from prissyandpink raved about the Elizabeth Arden Rose Illumination Highlighter. She said that it was gorgeous and that I needed it! In proper fashion I went out and purchased one for myself…and boy was she right! Its gorgeous.

The packaging is a shiny, rose gold compact with a generous mirror. It doesn’t look like much in the pan, just sort of pinkish, but swatch it and it comes to life! It catches the light “just so”. There is something about it. It just illuminates everything it touches, namely my cheek bones, nose and once in a while my brow bone and inner corner if I’m feeling frisky that day.

It is a limited edition product so get to your Elizabeth Arden counters right away if you want one. Its such a fabulous product that maybe they will bring it back. It needs to be permanent, it really does!! Thanks Prissy, as always you were spot on!!


I purchased these products and as always these are my own, honest opinions.

Tag: What Lip Products Are In My Handbag?

I was tagged to do the “What Lip Products Are In Your Handbag?” tag. Of course I love a good tag so I grabbed my little cosmetic bag out of my purse and here is what I found!

What lip products are in your handbag?

I purchased these items myself and as always these are my own, honest opinions.

Synthetic Brush Must Haves

I like both synthetic and natural brushes. The question of the day, though, is what synthetic brushes I consider “must haves”. For powders I use both synthetic and natural hair brushes, but for cream eyeshadow I prefer synthetic brushes. Take a look and see which brushes I think are “must haves” and which are “nice haves”. I’d love to hear what your “must have” and “nice have” synthetic brushes are!!

I purchased these items and as always these are my own, honest opinions.