Eyelash Primer Showdown: Urban Decay versus Dior Show

Dior Show Maximizer or Urban Decay Eyelash Primer?  My pick is Urban Decay.  The formula is slightly thicker so it takes less work to build up product.  The brush is smaller, which is just a preference of mine.  Plus, Urban Decay is several dollars cheaper, which is always good!  They are both excellent products!  Nothing wrong with either one of them. You can’t go wrong!



I purchased the items featured and was not paid to mention them.  As always, these are my own honest opinions:)

Dior DiorShow New Look Mascara

I picked up the new Dior DiorShow New Look mascara.  I’ll go ahead and tell you up front, I like it!  It adds volume to your lashes and separates really well. and doesn’t flake off on me, even though I did not get the waterproof version. .  It lasts all day.   If you want length, this is not going to give it to you.  You could add a lengthening mascara to it though and it would work just great!

The brush is what I’m fascinated with.  Its sort of split in the middle.  I explain it in the video, but basically, 1/2 of the brush is the same length and then half way down the shaft it starts to get smaller and smaller.  This wand manages to coat and comb every lash, and I love that.  It thickens your lashes up, but not too much.  Your really going to have to add a lot of layers to get a clumpy effect, if that’s what your going for.




REVIEW: Dior DiorShow Heat Curl Heating Lash Curler

I was so excited to try Dior’s new DiorShow Heat Curl Heating Lash Curler. I picked one up while I was in Vegas at Sephora for $25. I was excited to get back to my hotel room and give it a go. I pulled it out of its shiny packaging, read the instructions, put the battery in and fired the thing up. (It comes with a battery included and a separate brush to clean the curler).

I waited for the red light to turn green as the insert instructed, and waited and waited. It never turned green. I did some research and found out that a ton of people had the same experience as me. I tried the lash curler after 30 minutes of it “warming up” without the light turning green and got a slight curl. This was enough to keep me in the game. I went back to Sephora to exchange it for one that would heat up all the way. The sales associate asked me if she could test the new one, just to make sure it heated up. After 5 minutes of no green light the sales associate said “I don’t want to sale this to you, its not working properly”. Many people have had the same problem, as you can see from online reviews, including those on the Sephora website. Some people get ones that turn green and they are apparently a dream to work with and others, like myself, are having no luck.

I think this would be an excellent product, if there was better quality control. For a Dior product, it is unacceptable that so many have a manufacturer’s defect. I cannot recommend this product to you for that reason. I did take some pics for you to see before I returned it to Sephora.

Have you tried this curler and if so, did you have any luck? Let me know. I’m so disappointed:(


All items were purchased by me. I was not paid to mention or review these items.