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Physician’s Formula Super BB POWDER All-in-1 Beauty Balm Powder Review

Physician’s Formula has introduced a new line of BB products for Spring of 2013. This post will review the Super BB Powder from that line. If you would like to see the review of their BB Cream you can read it here.

I must say I was so excited to see a “BB Powder”. I’ve never seen one before and I’m easily entertained. I like Physician’s Formula powders in general so I was super excited to give this a go!!

Review: Physician’s Formula Super BB Cream All In One Beauty Balm

Physician’s Formula has released a BB line for Spring 2013. This post will review the Super BB All-In-One Beauty Balm Cream from that line.

I really like the packaging. Its so cute and sparkly! I’m a SUCKER FOR PACKAGING!! I like that its in a tube as well. It keeps the product sanitary. For me there is nothing worse than having to stick my fingers in a pot. Its like a petri dish!

Physician’s Formula Youth Wear Cosmeceutical Youth Boosting Line

Physician’s Formula just released their new Youth Wear cosmeceutical youth boosting foundation, concealer and powder.

The foundation is good. It leaves a velvety look on your face, although I didn’t see any “youth boosting” or “wrinkle concealing”.  It does sit pretty on the face though, making it a good basic foundation with medium coverage.  The problem is that it only comes in three shades:(  The concealer made me look older so I’m  not a fan!  The powder comes in matte or illuminating.   I got the illuminating powder and it did add a pretty finish to my face.

For a detailed review, check out my video:)




REVIEW: Physicians Formula PH Matchmaker PH Powered Gloss and Blush

Hi guys!  This is a review on the Physician’s Formula PH Matchmaker PH Powered gloss in “Pink” and blush in “Natural”. These products are supposed to change with the light and also the ph in your skin to give you a natural glow that is true to you, a perfect skin match.

The gloss does change color.  It goes on sheer and changes to a vibrant bright pink, on me at least.  If their promises are true, it may be a slightly different color on you.  It does stain your lips so keep that in mind.  The gloss is not too sticky.  I really like it.  Its pretty neat!  I was entertained.  LOL

The blush is beautiful, but it didn’t change colors on me.  It pretty much looked on my cheeks like it looked in the pan, but I loved it anyway.  Its a great blush, especially for the price ! I would repurchase, even though it didn’t meet Physician’s Formula’s promise to change color on me.

These are both good products quality wise.  Just make sure that you don’t expect too  much from that blush, other than it being  a blush.

Have you tried them and if so, did they change color on you?  If you haven’t tried them, are you going to pick some up?  I’d love to hear from you!



Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me.  I was not paid to review these items.