Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeshadow Pencils & Brush Review and Tutorial

I have been a fan of the Urban Decay 24/7 eyeshadow pencils since they were released. I have several and they are all top notch quality. They come in 12 different shades from neutral to beautiful pops of color. My favorite is Morphine, which is what I would describe as an electric purple. I just love it!

These eyeshadow pencils are perfect for summer as they are waterproof.  They stay on until you take them off and the don’t crease. They make pretty looks on their own and also act as good bases for powdered shadows. I couldn’t ask for more!

When you put these things on you had better be ready to blend…quickly! You have about 1 minute to get the shadow where you want it because once its dry, its dry. There is no turning back, its there to stay. I have found that blending with my finger works fine for shadow that I am laying down on the lid and for minor blending with another color. I do prefer their 24/7 Shadow Pencil Blending Brush for more detailed looks with the pencils as it really does help blend them together. The brush retails for $16. It is domed shaped and stiff. It’s built using the same vegan materials as the Good Karma brush collection, with super-soft synthetic “hair” made from recycled plastic bottles. It also has a recycled aluminum handle.

So, have you tried these shadows and if not, do you think you will?



All products were purchased by me and I was not compensated for reviewing these items. As always, these are my own, honest opinions.

Eyelash Primer Showdown: Urban Decay versus Dior Show

Dior Show Maximizer or Urban Decay Eyelash Primer?  My pick is Urban Decay.  The formula is slightly thicker so it takes less work to build up product.  The brush is smaller, which is just a preference of mine.  Plus, Urban Decay is several dollars cheaper, which is always good!  They are both excellent products!  Nothing wrong with either one of them. You can’t go wrong!



I purchased the items featured and was not paid to mention them.  As always, these are my own honest opinions:)

Rant: Urban Decay 3/27/12 “Big News” of “Build Your Own Palette”

Like many of you I was waiting for Urban Decay to release their “big news” and  fulfill their promise to “Blow Your Mind”.  My mind was indeed blown as I couldn’t believe the announcement after they made it.

I was expecting a new release, and in a way, I guess that is what I got.  Urban Decay will be reformulating their eyeshadows and releasing them in new packaging.  The packaging will allow you to depot and repot your eyeshadow at will. They call this “Build Your Own Palette” system. The price of these shadows will go from $17 to $18.They will also be selling a six pan palette to put your shadows in which will also run $18.  Sounds great, right?  I’m not so sure!

Inglot already has a “freedom system” where they sell you individual shadows and palettes to put them in.  They have a  very good model.  Their shadows are great and only cost $5 to $7 each which makes putting your palette together fun!.  Urban Decay, on the other hand, will still expect you to pay $18 per shadow to put in your palette.  You might be thinking, I’ll put them in my Z palette.  Well, if that is the plan, get your magnets out.  Urban Decay’s new shadows will not  be magnetized.  Nice!

The Naked Palettes provide 12 full sized shadows for $50.  If you purchased those same full sized shadows to fill your new Urban Decay palette, it would run you $216 plus the cost of 2 palettes at $18 per palette to put them in.  Of course you can buy the individual shades and keep them in their container.  There will be no “palette deal” here.  You will be paying full price plus some if you get the palette to put your shadows in.  To be fair you will receive one shadow with each $18 palette along with a travel size Good Karma brush.  The included shadow is a neutral shade and you will get the same shade in each and every palette you purchase.

All of this being said and despite the fact that I’m not happy about this change, I do need to disclose to you that I am an Urban Decay Junkie. I’m still going to buy their products, they are high quality and I love them. If I didn’t this would be enough to turn me off, but unfortunately I’m addicted to the brand, that’s a fact!

So what do you think about Urban Decay’s new idea??  I’d love to know!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to mention or review these items.