Dior Ad Banned In The UK! Those Eyelashes Are Too Long to Girl!!

I’m not going to lie, I laughed a little when I read about the Diorshow New Look mascara ad being banned in the
UK because Natalie Portman’s eyelashes were too long. Who would have thought it?

The UK Advertising Standard’s Authority ruled on October 24th that the Dior ad “must not appear again in its current form”. They found that there were post production techniques used that might mislead consumers about the efficacy of the mascara. Portman’s lashes were enhanced using Photoshop CS5.1. You might wonder why the ASA investigated this particular ad, well I have the answer. The investigation arose out of a complaint filed by L’oreal.

According to Yahoo News: Claims that the product was “lash-multiplying effect volume and care mascara,” had “… an unrivalled lash creator effect” and “delivers spectacular volume-multiplying effect, lash by lash”, in conjunction with the image of Natalie Portman’s eyelashes, “would be understood to mean that the mascara could lengthen the lashes, as well as separate them, increase their thickness and volume, and generally enhance lash appearance.”

I’m all for truth in advertising. The ASA went on to say that “Post-production techniques are not prohibited by advertising rules,” ASA spokesperson Matthew Wilson told Yahoo! Shine. “Most people understand and appreciate that every ad we see is likely to be touched up.” The ASA gets involved only when the retouching could be misleading.

Here is a link to the original article on Yahoo which shows a picture of the ad: http://shine.yahoo.com/beauty/natalie-portman-dior-mascara-ad-banned-having-lashes-164400197.html

Here is a review I did on Dior New Look Mascara if you would like to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PwWKq9Zqm1c

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