Dior DiorShow New Look Mascara

I picked up the new Dior DiorShow New Look mascara.  I’ll go ahead and tell you up front, I like it!  It adds volume to your lashes and separates really well. and doesn’t flake off on me, even though I did not get the waterproof version. .  It lasts all day.   If you want length, this is not going to give it to you.  You could add a lengthening mascara to it though and it would work just great!

The brush is what I’m fascinated with.  Its sort of split in the middle.  I explain it in the video, but basically, 1/2 of the brush is the same length and then half way down the shaft it starts to get smaller and smaller.  This wand manages to coat and comb every lash, and I love that.  It thickens your lashes up, but not too much.  Your really going to have to add a lot of layers to get a clumpy effect, if that’s what your going for.