ELF Warm Eyeshadow Palette Summer 2012

ELF has come out with some great palettes for Spring 2012. I picked up the Elf Studio 32 Piece Warm Eyeshadow Palette and I’m really impressed with the quality, especially when compared with previous palettes I have purchased.

Traditionally, ELF palettes are hit or miss, some great colors and some not so great. This palette overall is a good palette. It has 32 warm toned shades, mostly matte, but there are a few satin and shimmer shades as well. Most of the colors are creamy, pigmented and blend well. A couple of shades did give me problems though, specifically some of the darker shades. A few of the matte shades are chalky.

The first shade of the second row (matte peachy white) and the 4th color on the 2nd row (soft pink) are chalky, but blend out okay. The 6th color on the second row (pinky purple shade) was streaky and hard to blend. The third row, 4th shade (matte peach color) was chalky and hard to blend. The The remaining shades on row 3, numbers 5-8 were streaky and hard to blend. The 5th line, 5th shade (yellow) was poorly pigmented.

I only had issues with 9 out of the 32 shades, the rest were pigmented and blended well. The remaining nine are still workable, although you may have to do a little more blending and color building.

For $5 I think this is a great deal. Its a good way to get a bunch of spring and summer colors at a great price. The packaging is okay, but I can’t complain at this price point. Its plastic, and it has a white label on the front. The packaging flips open and you get a mirror and sponge tip applicator. The package weighs 1.10oz/32g

You can get this in stores at Target and also online at eyeslipsface.com or wherever ELF products are sold. Sometimes I can find them at Kmart.

So did you pick up any of ELF’s spring offerings? Do tell!!


All items were purchased by me. I was not paid to mention or review these items.

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