Hourglass Icon Lipstick Dupe

Ohhhh, do I have some news for you. I have found a dupe for Hourglass’ lipstick in Icon. If you have been reading my blog you already know that I love the color of the Icon lipstick, but I do not love the smell. Its kind of an oily smell. So anyway, I went through my collection and found a lipstick with identical color……and its CHEAP!

Rimmel by Kate Moss #11 on Left, Hourglass Icon on Right

Rimmel #11 on Left, Hourglass Icon on Right

Hourglass Icon on Top Lip, Rimmel #11 on Bottom Lip

Pretty amazing huh? If I didn’t know which was which I would not be able to tell the difference at all, but there is about a $25 difference in the price. Now granted, I do like the Hourglass lipstick iconformula better, but the Rimmel formula is creamy too, and it smells fruity, which I prefer. So what do you think??


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