INGLOT -DIY Eyeshadow Palette (Review of Shadows and Experience)

What fun!  I loved going to the Inglot boutique in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to create my Inglot Palette.  You walk into the store and there is so much to choose from.  They have everything from eyelashes, lipsticks, concealers, blushes and of course eyeshadow.

I was after the eyeshadow so that is what I picked up.  After doing a lot of research and looking at what other people had gotten, I felt ready enough to conquer the massive amount of eyeshadow choices and narrow it down to just 10 eyeshadows.  I did cheat a little by getting three rainbow colors.  The rainbow colors have three separate shades in them, but that still counts as one, right????

Ok, so you go in and they hand you a magnetic board.  You pick up the eyeshadows that you want and place them on the board.  When you have chosen the ones you want you take them to the counter, they get new eyeshadows out for you and return the used ones to the store display.  You purchase the palette and your individual shadows and you are off to put your palette together… home.  They were not helping anyone put their eyeshadows in their palettes at the store where I was shopping.  However, it was super easy to do, you just take them out of their packaging and pop them into the palette.  Easy as pie:)

Now, a 10 shadow palette is going to run you around $75.  You pay around $15 for the palette and around $5 for each eyeshadow, with the exception of the rainbow shadows which run around $7 each.  You can find these stores in New York and Las Vegas, but if you can’t make it to one of these awesome cities, fret not!  You can order online at  🙂 Check out the swatches below!



Here are the colors I picked and their photos:
Matte 352: (pale peach)

111R: (pale peach, peaches and cream color, true peach)

Pearl 99: (shimmery dusty lilac)

D.S. 460: (deep taupe with gold shimmer)

Pearl 402: (light taupe with a gold sheen)

117R: (shades of greyish  brown)

107R (shades of warm and neutral brown)

AMC Shine 37 (warm brown with gold shimmer)

Pearl 421 (brownish copper with golden sheen)

Matte 326 (darkened brown with red undertones)

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