Lets Talk About Our Men’s Beauty Routine!

If we were to talk only about my man, Mr. IDidMyFace, we would be having a short conversation. He is pretty easy going. He likes his $1.50 shaving bar that he uses a brush in a cup to foam up a cream that he tells me has just as good a lather than “that expensive crap you buy”. His words, not mine. LOL. Whatever shampoo happens to be in the shower at any given time is fine and dandy with him, as long as it doesn’t smell “too girly”. Body wash or soap? He doesn’t care. Heck, he will use shampoo as body wash. The only thing he is really picky about is deodorant. He is a Degree fan and he is not using anything else, no ifs ands or buts about it. I know this from personal experience. Any lotion is good too as long as he doesn’t smell like a cake or flower.

He is simple, but he is mine and for some reason I love him just the way he is, even though his “way” is worlds away from my obsession with products. One reason is that I can make him try out stuff and he will because he doesn’t care, he will use anything. We are working on more things for the men in your life as we speak and we thank Mr. IDidMyFace in advance for being our Guinea pig.

Now, having said this, my hubby may not be representative of the modern man. Studies show that sales of department-store eye products for men shot up a whopping 33 percent in 2011 over 2010. Eye creams and gels for men brought in just $3.5 million in 2007. In 2011 they jumped to $5.4 million. Is it the men who are choosing this, or perhaps its the women in their lives? “Women go to the bathroom together and talk about lip color, but in my experience guys don’t get together for ‘Monday Night Football’ and talk about what eye creams they use,” Brian Boye, fashion and grooming director for Men’s Health magazine, recently told The New York Times. I also don’t know the the number of gay men in the study (or even if sexual identity was taken in account) who are more attuned to what mother nature can do to them and thus seek to prevent it much sooner than their straight counterparts. My friends gay hubby probably knows more about skin care than I do, and I must say that his face does not show his age!

I have noticed lately that I’m getting more ads in magazines and coupons and such that are targeted toward men’s lines. I recently received a sample of of Nivea For Men Sea Minerals 3 in 1 Maximum Hydration lotion. L’Oreal Paris has a Men’s Expert Hydra-Energetic Ice Cold Eye Roller which retails for $11. High end brands are jumping on the bandwagon as well. Lab Series Max LS Instant Eye Lift is $44 and Kiehls has a Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer for $20. Other lines are doing it too. Men’s skin care products are definitely trending at the moment!

So, that being said, what do the men in your life do? Are they obsessed with certain products or using beauty routines? If you are a man please let us know what you like and hate and what your thoughts are on the new marketing toward men’s skincare. Also let us know what you would like to see on the market.

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