Lipstick Queen Midevil Lipstick Review and Swatches

Oh, I do love myself some lipstick!  I wanted to share with you a lipstick I’ve had for a while that I think is perfect for summer. Enter Lipstick Queen’s Midevil Lipstick.

lqmidevil packaging midevil packaging 2

Scandalous packaging….no???  LOL    I get my jollies where I can and for some reason this just strikes me funny.  The box in “unique” let say!

midevil bulett

Isn’t that the prettiest lipstick bullet? I love the color, of course if you keep up with me you could have guessed that! Any shade of berry is beautiful to me:)

midevil lipstick open

Don’t freak out. I know I’m prone to recommending bright and/or deep colors, but I swear this one is sheer. It just looks scary in the tube.  Deep breath.

midevil swatch

Isn’t that pretty?  Such a pretty, wearable shade.  Of course, the more pigment you have in your lips, the more subtle it will be on you.

So what do you think? Have you tried Midevil? How about any other Lipstick Queen Lipsticks? You can check out Midevil and other Lipstick Queen lipsticks here.




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