Lyra Ariel Hoop for Fitness & Pole Pics

Hey guys!! I’m back to blogging and up to more crazy:)  I found out that a fitness studio in Lexington gives Lyra Ariel Hoop private fitness classes and, true to my nature, if there is a chance I might hurt myself I have to give it a try, so I did.

I went in for my first private and it was a ton of fun. I got a few bruises, but it was worth the experience.  I tell you all about it in this video.

I used to do Pole for Fitness classes and I loved them. I’m thinking about going back to pole classes. The studio that I used to take them from closed, but this new facility has pole, silks, Lyra Hoop and hula hoop.  The one that I was surprised about was hula hoop. I’ve never even thought to look for a hula hoop class, but I bet it burns a ton of calories. You never know, I might try that too. I’m not quite there yet. I haven’t hula hooped in 25 or more years.

Here are some of my pole pics for your entertainment. Hope you enjoy them. I don’t have any Hoop pics or I would share them too.

Hope you are having an awesome week my friends!!!










pole8 pole9







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