Maybelline Rocket Volum’Express Mascara Review

Ok, I’m not going to lie, I’m going to tell you straight out that the blue tube with pink writing on it forced me to buy this mascara and give it a try.  I think this is the prettiest mascara packaging!  I love blue and pink together.

Maybelline claims “Now, the most explosive, beautiful lashes ever!
Supersonic Brush, and Fast Glide formula Loads on big, sleek volume instantly”  They say we will “love it” because it will give us “8X Bigger. Smoother. Even” lashes with “zero clumps”.

I picked this up in “Blackest Black”. Its one of three shades they offer.  The other two are “Brownish Black” and “Very Black”.  These are washable mascaras.  They do have two that are waterproof.  I usually don’t get waterproof for my upper lashes because its so much harder to get off.

The brush is reminiscent of Covergirl’s Lash Blast Mascara. Its a “fat” brush, which is not my favorite type of brush, but many people love these brushes.  It has tiny spikes to separate and coat your lashes.

This is a great mascara for volume.  Its a nice formula. It holds my curl fairly well. I would like to caution that  if you put too much on your lashes you might get some clumping and loose the separation benefit so be careful how much you pile on. I didn’t have any flaking, transfers, clumping or smudging.  If you have long lashes and you look up before it dries, you may experience some transfer of the mascara.  My tip to stop that is after you apply your mascara, look down for a few seconds to allow your mascara to dry before looking back up.

One lash done!

My lashes flying solo!

Big difference isn’t it?  Love this mascara!!

This mascara retails for around $7.50 to $8, depending upon where you buy it.  Keep in mind that mascara works differently on different people depending upon what type of lashes you have.  My lashes are medium length and fairly full.

You can get the Rocket mascara here!

So, have you tried this mascara?  What do you think about it?

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