New Drugstore Spring 2013 Products for Maybelline

It seems like everyone is stepping up their drugstore game for Spring 2014. Maybelline is no exception.  I’ve ran into some displays at my local Meijer, Ulta and Rite Aid stores. Check it out!

Maybelline has released 6 shades of MasterGlaze cream blush sticks so far that I have seen. They are also releasing Master Hi-Light light boosting blushes and bronzers. I saw 4 blushes and 2 bronzers in the line.


New Color Show nail polish displays are appearing as well.


They have also released some glitter polishes known as “Street Art”


Maybelline is even stepping it up in the priming arena. They have released what they call Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser. This is supposed to give us poreless, smooth skin.  According to Maybelline you can wear it under makeup or alone, it will not clog your pores and it will visibly blur them. I’m all for that!


If you love nude lipstick you may love Maybelline’s new line of nudes called “The Buffs”.  I believe there are 10 new lipsticks in this collection.


Finally, the last display I ran across is the new Expertwear Eyeshadow display.  There are some singles and some quads in this collection.  The quads are “smoldering” palettes and I’m not so sure I don’t already have some of them in my collection. This is perhaps a new formula? I’m not entirely sure. But anyway, here is a picture of them.


So, have you ran into any other Maybelline displays?





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