Prestige Cosmetics Lipstick…..Really????

I have bought my first and last Prestige product.  After this lipstick experience, I’m not even interested in giving anything else a go.  Perhaps they will reformulate their product in the future and, if it gets a good review, I might give the brand another chance.  Right now I’m just disgusted with the experience.  Not good at all!

This was a waste of money, as you will see in the video.  Pigmentation, consistency and smell were all horrible.  The packaging is pretty.  I would give this an F- (if there is such as thing as an F-. LOL).  Its just terrible!!!

Have you tried any Prestige products?  If so, what were your experiences?  I’d love to know.



I purchased these items myself and as always, these are my own, honest opinions.

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2 thoughts on “Prestige Cosmetics Lipstick…..Really????”

  1. Prestige has a lot of really good products. I suggest you check out makeup alley to read some reviews. If I counted out an entire line based on one dud product I would never find anything to buy… lol. Even your “exclusive” high end lines have duds.

    1. Thanks for letting me know that you have found some good products in the
      Prestige brand. Which ones would you recommend I try? Thanks for sharing!

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