Review: Lush Hair Doctor: Hair and Scalp Mask

I went to Lush to try to find something to cure my scalp. Its usually pretty calm with the occasional flare up of mild acne when the summer heat kicks in. My dermatologist recommended that I use T-gel every other wash to fix the acne problem. I thought that since I wash my hair every other day I should use the T-gel every time. Wrong! I created an itchy, flaky scalp that has been driving me crazier than a loon, although I must admit it is acne free.

I originally went to Lush to try Snake Oil, which is a scalp treatment, but when I told the sales associate what was going on she insisted that I should try her personal favorite scalp mask, Hair Doctor. I said, “what the heck, I”ll give it a go” and home with me it went.

What Lush Says about Hair Doctor:

“If you’ve really got your hair in a bad way, then you need Hair Doctor.

Based on seaweeds and mud, this product is for out of sorts hair.

To make this we first simmer irish moss seaweed to form a clear gel, then we add Irish moss powder, extra virgin coconut oil, lanolin, almond oil, vegetable glycerine, soya lecithin and brewer’s yeast – all to condition, strengthen and mositurise the hair. “

Hair Doctor is a mask that comes in a small tub. It needs to be refrigerated. It doesn’t have a horrible smell, but its not overly pleasant either. Its a little minty with some weird smell that I can’t discern. Its pasty in consistency. I put it on my scalp when my hair was dry and let it sit for about 25 to 30 minutes. It was a little bit of a pain to get the product on my scalp and you will likely have to use the whole mask to make sure that you get the product  down  to your roots and cover your scalp well. I felt a cooling sensation on my scalp during the treatment, which was rather pleasant. It reminded me of the feeling you get when you use foot lotion. Although it did not cure my scalp problem completely in one treatment, I do believe it helped my scalp. It itched less and it seemed that the flakes were less after one treatment.

I must admit that I was impressed. I was not expecting a one shot miracle in a cup, I just wanted to be able to tell a positive difference. I was not disappointed and I can see why the sales associate recommended Hair Doctor to me. She was right. I do recommend this mask for anyone with an itch, flaky scalp.

The Lush sales associate gave me a generous sample of this
product (about 1/2 of a regular mask) however this did not influence my review one way or another.  As always these are my own, honest opinion.

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