Review: Physician’s Formula Super BB Cream All In One Beauty Balm

Physician’s Formula has released a BB line for Spring 2013. This post will review the Super BB All-In-One Beauty Balm Cream from that line.

I really like the packaging. Its so cute and sparkly! I’m a SUCKER FOR PACKAGING!! I like that its in a tube as well. It keeps the product sanitary. For me there is nothing worse than having to stick my fingers in a pot. Its like a petri dish!

I was disappointed, as I always am, in the shade range. There are only 2 shades. I got the lightest shade which was light/medium. It was much too dark for my skin, which for reference is a Mac NC 20.

As for promises, Physician’s Formula makes 10 claims: smoothing, moisturizing, protecting, firming, priming and filling, protecting, concealing, brightening, line-softening, and long wearing. It is supposed to replace your moisturizer, foundation and sunscreen.

Here is a photo of me without anything on my face.

Here is a photo of me after applying the BB cream. I did not apply it on my neck so you could see the color difference.

And for your comparison and personal entertainment, here is a pic of me with BB cream on only half of my face (the right side of your screen).

As you can see, it delivers on pigmentation. It does make your skin look smoother. It does moisturize. It protects your skin from sun damage with an SPF 30. As for the “firming” claim, I personally did not notice any firming. Perhaps this happens after wearing the product for an extended period of time? Maybe months or years? It can act as a primer, but I could still see my pores, it did not filled them. When I put powder on top of the BB cream the powder laid in my pores. I do feel like it perfected my skin by evening out my skin tone and it concealed some minor discoloration. If you have any acne, hyper-pigmentaion or scars you will still need to use concealer. It did brighten up my face a little, but not much. I did not find it to be line-softening anymore than I find a tinted moisturizer to be line-softening. It is as long wearing as a regular tinted moisturizer. I suspect that everyone will get different wear depending upon their skin type.

All in all I like this BB cream. Its the best that I’ve tried in the drugstore market so far, but the shade selection makes it a no-go for me. I’m very saddened that there isn’t a lighter color because I would surely buy it!

This product runs around $15 at drugstores. The price will depend upon where you purchase it. This one came with a $3 off coupon attached to the product.



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  1. I will have to get this BB cream as soon we get it here in NC. The PF area in the closest drugstore is getting an overhaul….so maybe soon. I have a medium skin tone so……that will shade should be perfect for me. Thank you for the review.

    1. Its such a good BB cream. You’re right, you should probably go with the light/medium because the second shade is a lot darker. I hope you love it!!! Thanks for visiting me here!!

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