Holy Grail Products

Here are my Holy Grail Products. Its all included from foundation to blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. I hope you enjoy it!

All items were purchased by me. I was not paid to mention or review these items.

Skin Care Routine and Tips

Hi guys!!  Thanks for visiting with me today!  I have had may requests for a skin care routine and tips video.  I aim to  please so here it is!!  I hope you enjoy it!!

My biggest tips are to stay out of the sun and when you are in the sun use sunscreen.  Also pick an anti-aging line and stick with it.  You don’t want to mix and match and lines if you don’t do a lot of research first because some ingredients will cancel each other out giving you a really expensive basic moisturizer.

What skin care line do you use?  Do tell!



FDA Issues Warning on Skin Creams Containing Mercury!!

Hi everyone! Thanks for taking the time to visit. I wanted to let my readers know that the FDA has issued a warning that some skin creams containing mercury  have been illegally introduced to the American market. If you have purchased one of these products stop using immediately.  Seek medical attention if you have any of the following symptoms of mercury poisoning:

  • irritability
  • shyness
  • tremors
  • changes in vision or hearing
  • memory problems
  • depression
  • numbness and tingling in hands, feet or around mouth

“Exposure to mercury can have serious health consequences,” says Charles Lee, M.D., a senior medical advisor at FDA. “It can damage the kidneys and the nervous system, and interfere with the development of the brain in unborn children and very young children.”

You don’t have to use the product yourself to be affected, says FDA toxicologist Mike Bolger, Ph.D. “People—particularly children—can get mercury in their bodies from breathing in mercury vapors if a member of the household uses a skin cream containing mercury.” Infants and small children can ingest mercury if they touch their parents who have used these products, get cream on their hands and then put their hands and fingers into their mouth, which they are prone to do, adds Bolger.

How to Protect Yourself (From FDA Site)

  • Check the label of any skin lightening, anti-aging or other skin product you use. If you see the words “mercurous chloride,” “calomel,” “mercuric,” “mercurio,” or “mercury,” stop using the product immediately.
  • If there is no label or no ingredients are listed, do not use the product. Federal law requires that ingredients be listed on the label of any cosmetic or drug.
  • Don’t use products labeled in languages other than English unless English labeling is also provided.
  • If you suspect you have been using a product with mercury, stop using it immediately. Thoroughly wash your hands and any other parts of your body that have come in contact with the product. Contact your health care professional or a medical care clinic for advice.
  • If you have questions, call your health care professional or the Poison Center8 disclaimer icon 9 at 1-800-222-1222; it is open 24 hours a day.
  • Before throwing out a product that may contain mercury, seal it in a plastic bag or leak-proof container. Check with your local environmental, health or solid waste agency for disposal instructions. Some communities have special collections or other options for disposing of household hazardous waste.

For more information visit the FDA

Tag: One Makeup Line Forever

Hi guys, I promised to start a tag and here it is. I don’t think this has been done before, but if it has just play along with me anyway:) I’ll tag some specific people to do the tag, but I want everyone to feel welcome and included so I tag ALL of you to do it. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

TAG: If you could only purchase products from one makeup line for the rest of your life, which line would it be and why?  You get to choose one high end brand and one drug store brand.  (Keep in mind when you choose the brands that you can’t “mix” the brands, you are choosing your best all over line for both drugstore and high end).  Good Luck!!!



I was not paid to mention or review these brands or any of their products.