Butter London Kerfuffle Nail Polish Swatches for Spring 2013

Butter London has released a new collection of six pastel nail polishes for Spring 2013. They are so pretty!! It was hard, but I just picked up one of them in the color Kerfuffle. Doesn’t that name make you want to laugh? I’m easily amused!

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Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat

I have found a new nail basecoat love!  Its Butter London Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat.  I never thought to try it until I got a nude Butter nail polish called Hen Party.  It didn’t look so good the first time I put it on.  Before taking it back I decided to give it one more try with Butter London’s Nail Foundation.  I’m so glad I did.  Hen Party is now my new favorite nude nail polish and the Nail Foundation  makes any polish, especially nudes, look great.  It fills in imperfections and you can even wear it alone  for a matte nude look.  It also makes my manicure last longer! I’m a pretty happy camper right now!

Butter London’s Nail Foundation retails for $18.  I got mine at Ulta, but you can also buy it online at ulta.com or at butterlondon.com .

Have you tried it?  I’d love to hear what you think!



All items were purchased by me.  I was not paid to mention or review these items.




Butter London Lippy Review

I picked up two of the new Lippy’s from Butter London.  I got Yummy Mummy and Trout Pout.  I was super excited to get my hands on them, but the payoff has been bitter sweet, both figuratively and literally.

The Lippy lipglosses match the corresponding nail polishes in color.  Yummy Mummy is a greyish brown based nude.  Its perhaps the prettiest nude lipgloss I own.  I’m in love with the color.  Trout Pout is more of a corally cantaloupe color.  Its really pretty.

This gloss is very sticky, but for me that was not the turnoff.  I don’t mind a little sticky in my gloss as it usually makes it last longer.  The glosses wear was average and your going to have to reapply it every hour or two, especially if you eat or drink something.  The part that I can’t smell is the taste and smell.

These glosses smell like a mixture between watermelon (which I hate) and flowers.  They taste like watermelon mixed with flowers and a chemical of sorts.  You know how when you spray a perfume and some of it gets into your mouth?  Its that same chemical taste.  In fact, it tastes like you would expect a watermelon flower perfume to taste if you accidently inhaled it through your mouth right after spraying it.  You get chemical along with notes of watermelon on flowers.  Not a tasty delight, I can tell you that!!

If it weren’t for the scent, and especially the taste, I would get more of these glosses, but because of the offending taste (I can get over the scent), I cannot  recommend this, which makes me sad:(  If you can stand the taste they are gorgeous glosses, if  your like me and are sensitive to these scents and tastes, skip this.

So have you tried the Butter London Lippy’s?  If so, what color did you get and what did you think about it?

Have an awesome day!!!



All items were purchased by me. I was not paid to mention or review these items.

Haul: Chanel, Nars, Buxom, Mac, Tarte, Butter, Sally Hanson

Hi everyone!!  Here is my latest haul.  Hope you enjoy it!  For individual photos and swatches see the blog post about that particular item:)  I’ll post the links below the video!  Thanks for visiting me.  Hope your having an awesome day!!!



Butter Lippys: http://ididmyface.com/butter-london-lippy-review/

All items were purchased by me.  I was not paid to mention or review these items.