Mac By Request Haul

Its finally here, Mac By Request.  Mac allowed its customers to vote on what products they wanted brought back from previous collections.  In the end, 3 lipsticks, 3 lipglasses and 3 eyeshadows were brought back.  Here is what I picked up!




I purchased these products with my own money and as always, these are my own honest opinions.

New Milani Powdered Eyeshadows

I’m in total love! Have you seen the new Milani Powdered eyeshadows? They are awesome!! I went to every CVS in my area at least three times trying to hunt down these CVS exclusive shadows. Finally, after looking with no success, I went to the CVS website and low and behold there they were!

I got most of the colors I wanted, 2 were sold out:( Anyway, they arrived in pretty good shape, although one was slightly broken. My box had been badly abused by USPS so I’m surprised more weren’t damaged. Here are the colors I picked up!

White Lie is a matte white. Its hard to build to a stark white color and kind of chalky. Its matte. It works very well as a highlight. I liked French Vanilla much better. Its a cream color. Even though its also matte, it seemed to apply much easier. Mattes are sometimes hard to deal with though and at this price point I’m not complaining about White Lie! I’ll take it all day long! Brown Stone is a gorgeous chocolate brown. Its matte. The formula is very pigmented and easy to blend. I’m loving Gold Dust. Its a gorgeous gold shade, not to orange:) Yea! Its high shimmer, which I like:) We can all use a little shimmer in our lives!!

Tickled Pink is a soft shimmery pink shade. Shocking Pink is a loud, hot pink shade. Its matte. Its gorgeous, but the formula is a little on the dry side. I still like it though. Just Perfect is indeed perfect. Its pigmented and gorgeous. Its a green with shimmer and it flashes aqua blue in some lights. Woohoo!! I do love a good duo chrome eyeshadow!

On the whole these shades are highly pigmented, with the exception of White Lie and French Vanilla, which swatch ok, but upon transfer to the eye gets a little lost on me. I’m fine with that because these are highlight colors and I don’t want them to be too out there, you know what I mean? I’m very pale, NC 20, so they will probably show up a little better on darker skin tones if you are looking for more of a punch of color. I think out of the two French Vanilla is my favorite.

Milani has done an awesome job with the matte shades. These are notoriously hard shadows to make and even high end lines struggle to get it right. Are they perfect? No, but they are definitely competing with some of the higher end matte formulas. The shimmer shades are beautiful. They are a dream to blend.

These shades are a CVS exclusive. You can get them at your local store or online at They retail for $4.99 each, what a great deal! Sometimes CVS runs specials buy one, get one 1/2 off. You can also get them directly from Milani at , but you will pay $5.99 for them there.

The only disappointment I had with this order was that one shadow was slightly broken and that they were sold out of Caramel Brown and Olympian Blue, which I desperately need in my life! The hunt is on!


I purchased these items myself and as always, these are my own honest opinions.

Wedding Eyeshadow Tutorial: Too Faced Matte Eyeshadow

Hi guys.  Here is a wedding eyeshadow tutorial using all matte eyeshadows from the Too Faced Romantic Eye palette. I used Boquet Toss, Un-Veiled, I Do and Kiss The Bride.  I hope you enjoy it!!



All items were purchased by me. I was not paid to mention or review these items.

Physician’s Formula Youth Wear Cosmeceutical Youth Boosting Line

Physician’s Formula just released their new Youth Wear cosmeceutical youth boosting foundation, concealer and powder.

The foundation is good. It leaves a velvety look on your face, although I didn’t see any “youth boosting” or “wrinkle concealing”.  It does sit pretty on the face though, making it a good basic foundation with medium coverage.  The problem is that it only comes in three shades:(  The concealer made me look older so I’m  not a fan!  The powder comes in matte or illuminating.   I got the illuminating powder and it did add a pretty finish to my face.

For a detailed review, check out my video:)




INGLOT -DIY Eyeshadow Palette (Review of Shadows and Experience)

What fun!  I loved going to the Inglot boutique in The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas to create my Inglot Palette.  You walk into the store and there is so much to choose from.  They have everything from eyelashes, lipsticks, concealers, blushes and of course eyeshadow.

I was after the eyeshadow so that is what I picked up.  After doing a lot of research and looking at what other people had gotten, I felt ready enough to conquer the massive amount of eyeshadow choices and narrow it down to just 10 eyeshadows.  I did cheat a little by getting three rainbow colors.  The rainbow colors have three separate shades in them, but that still counts as one, right????

Ok, so you go in and they hand you a magnetic board.  You pick up the eyeshadows that you want and place them on the board.  When you have chosen the ones you want you take them to the counter, they get new eyeshadows out for you and return the used ones to the store display.  You purchase the palette and your individual shadows and you are off to put your palette together… home.  They were not helping anyone put their eyeshadows in their palettes at the store where I was shopping.  However, it was super easy to do, you just take them out of their packaging and pop them into the palette.  Easy as pie:)

Now, a 10 shadow palette is going to run you around $75.  You pay around $15 for the palette and around $5 for each eyeshadow, with the exception of the rainbow shadows which run around $7 each.  You can find these stores in New York and Las Vegas, but if you can’t make it to one of these awesome cities, fret not!  You can order online at  🙂 Check out the swatches below!



Here are the colors I picked and their photos:
Matte 352: (pale peach)

111R: (pale peach, peaches and cream color, true peach)

Pearl 99: (shimmery dusty lilac)

D.S. 460: (deep taupe with gold shimmer)

Pearl 402: (light taupe with a gold sheen)

117R: (shades of greyish  brown)

107R (shades of warm and neutral brown)

AMC Shine 37 (warm brown with gold shimmer)

Pearl 421 (brownish copper with golden sheen)

Matte 326 (darkened brown with red undertones)