Lipstick Queen “Hello Sailor” Lipstick Review and Swatches

I’ve been curious about Lipstick Queen lipsticks so I decided to order a couple. This review will focus on the Lipstick Queen “Hello Sailor”iconlipstick which comes in the cutest box ever.



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Fresh Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment Review and Swatches

Fresh Sugar Lip Treatmenticons are wonderful. I especially enjoy their tinted lip treatments as they give a hint of color that looks glossy and brings your face to life.  Some days I need the extra help, especially when I’m going sans makeup for a quick run to the store or gym.  They also have an SPF 15, which isn’t as high as I would like, but hey, for a quick trip that is going to expose me to the sun while driving and running in and out of a store its probably enough.

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Review: Lush Hair Doctor: Hair and Scalp Mask

I went to Lush to try to find something to cure my scalp. Its usually pretty calm with the occasional flare up of mild acne when the summer heat kicks in. My dermatologist recommended that I use T-gel every other wash to fix the acne problem. I thought that since I wash my hair every other day I should use the T-gel every time. Wrong! I created an itchy, flaky scalp that has been driving me crazier than a loon, although I must admit it is acne free. Continue reading Review: Lush Hair Doctor: Hair and Scalp Mask

Skin Cancer Identification and Prevention

Skin cancer is one of the most curable cancers, if you can catch it in time. If you don’t, it can be one of the most deadly. That is why it is so important to see your dermatologist regularly to have your moles examined. Prevention is key, sunscreen is a must, even in small children. Below is a link to a slide show on showing abnormal moles and also a link to detailing the signs and symptoms of skin cancer, along with prevention. If you have any questionable spots, go to the doctor as soon as possible. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! It could save your life!!  You are not immune to this disease and you matter, so take care of yourself:)

Click Here for Prevention and Symptoms from the National Cancer Institute.

Skin Cancer Slide Show from WebMd.



YAG Laser: My Experience and Review

I went into the Cosmetic Surgery Center today for Phototherapy, but when I got there the Dr. decided that the YAG laser would be a better treatment for the broken capillaries around my nose. After a quick discussion about the YAG laser I consented to the treatment.

My nose was wiped with alcohol and lubed up with some sort of slippery clear gel, I think it is the same type used for ultrasounds. Anyway, the technician then proceeded to zap away at my broken capillaries. It felt like a bee stinging me each time she hit a new spot and when there was a long capillary that she had to run the laser down the length of it felt like she stuck a hot needle just below my skin then scrapped me with it. I only said “owwww” once and I jumped a couple of times. The zaps just inside my nose were definitely the worst!! My eyes watered as well. The procedure lasted about 15 minutes.

In four weeks I may have to have it done again, depending upon the results from this go around. It stung a little after I left the office, but not much. They gave me an ice pack to put on my nose and strict instructions not to eat spicy food, drink alcohol or workout for 5 days. It looks like I have tiny cat scratches on parts of my nose. The technician said this would happen so I’m not bothered by it. It doesn’t look too bad and I can wear makeup so its ok. The only other side effect is itching. I’m feeling that “healing itch”. My biggest concern right now is trying to remember not to scratch it!

I think the results will be well worth it and at this point post- procedure, I can say that I would do it again. I”ll keep you updated as the healing process proceeds.

Have you had any laser treatments? I’d love to hear about your experience!

I paid for my laser procedure myself. I was not paid to mention or review it.